In this talk I will discuss recently-identified classes of quantum correlations that go beyond nonlocal classical hidden-variable models equipped with communication. First, in the bipartite scenario, I will focus on so-called instrumental causal networks, which are a primal tool in causal inference. There, I will show that it is possible to “fake” classical causal influences with quantum common causes, in a formal sense quantified by the average causal effect (ACE). Furthermore, I will show that it is possible to violate instrumental inequalities with quantum resources, both in the device-independent and in the 1-sided device-independent settings. Second, in the multipartite setting, I will present a causal hierarchy of multipartite nonlocality. I will make special emphasis on quantum correlations in the upper classes of the hierarchy that define stronger forms of genuinely multipartite quantum non-locality than those previously known. The seminar will touch upon concepts like Bell nonlocality and quantum steering as well as Bayesian nets and causal inference.


Talk Number 18020077
Speaker Profile Leandro Aolita
Collection Quantum Foundations
Subject Quantum Physics
Source Repository PIRSA