Thanks to integrability, we have access to a significant portion of the conformal data of planar N=4 SYM: in particular, the scaling dimensions of all single-trace operators at finite 't Hooft coupling. Can we solve the theory by using these data as an input for the conformal bootstrap? 

We recently started to explore this question in a simplified setup: the one-dimensional CFT living on a supersymmetric Wilson line embedded in the 4D theory. 

After reviewing how integrability describes the spectrum of this 1D CFT, I will discuss how, using the numerical conformal bootstrap with a minimal input from the spectral data, it is possible to compute with good precision a non-supersymmetric OPE coefficient at finite 't Hooft coupling. I will conclude discussing the open questions and future perspectives. Based on 2107.08510 with N.Gromov, J.Julius and M.Preti.


Talk Number 21100006
Speaker Profile Andrea Cavaglia
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