Factorization homology is a local-to-global invariant which "integrates" disk algebras in symmetric monoidal higher categories over manifolds. In this talk I will discuss how to compute categorical factorization homology on oriented surfaces with principal D-bundles, for D a finite group, in terms of categories of modules over algebras defined in purely combinatorial terms. This is an extension of the work of Ben-Zvi, Brochier and Jordan to D-decorated surfaces. The main example for us comes from an action of Dynkin diagram automorphisms on representation categories of quantum groups associated to a reductive group G. We will see that in this case factorization homology gives rise to a quantization of character varieties which are twisted by the group of outer automorphisms of G.

This talk is based on joint work with L. Müller.

Zoom Link: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/93950433494?pwd=WXI2VE9IdnRweEh5RmZsZ21BV1BQQT09


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