In this seminar, I will explore the effect of quantum gravity on matter couplings within a (Functional) Renormalization Group framework. I will mainly focus on gravitational contribution to the flow of gauge couplings. In particular, I will focus on results obtained from a class of interpolating regulators that allow us to extract certain universal pieces from non-universal quantities. I will argue that gravity might induce the UV completion of an Abelian-gauge sector, despite an apparent vanishing contribution to its flow when we consider only universal pieces. This result might offer a new perspective on the differences between perturbative studies and Functional Renormalization Group studies.

Zoom Link: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/97277305442?pwd=d240TXhrNnZ0TlErbGQ0bCtGU1NCZz09


Talk Number 22050020
Speaker Profile Gustavo Pazzini de Brito
Collection Quantum Gravity
Source Repository PIRSA