When a generic isolated quantum many-body system is driven out of equilibrium, its local properties are eventually described by the thermal ensemble. This picture can be intuitively explained by saying that, in the thermodynamic limit, the system acts as a bath for its own local subsystems. Despite the undeniable success of this paradigm, for interacting systems most of the evidence in support of it comes from numerical computations in relatively small systems, and there are very few exact results. The situation changed recently, with the discovery of certain solvable classes of local quantum circuits, in which finite-time dynamics is accessible and the subsystem-thermalization picture can be verified. After introducing the general picture I will present a recent example (arXiv:2012.12256) of a simple interacting integrable circuit, for which the finite-time dynamics can be exactly described, and the model can be shown to exhibit generic thermalization properties.



Talk Number 21110008
Speaker Profile Katja Klobas
Collection Colloquium
Subject Physics
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