Spectroscopic surveys are a powerful cosmological probe, encoding information about structure formation and the geometry of the universe in the 3D distribution of galaxies. Upcoming surveys like DESI, which will increase the number of measured galaxy redshifts by an order of magnitude, will test our ability to use this information while providing opportunities to test fundamental physics in unprecedented ways. In this talk I will discuss our recent work on a new method to combine the two main prongs of these surveys--redshift-space distortions and BAO--within the framework of Lagrangian perturbation theory. As an illustrative example, I will discuss the application of this method to data from the BOSS survey, obtaining cosmological constraints that are competitive but consistent with primary CMB and lensing measurements. I will also discuss future prospects for perturbation theory analyses of large-scale structure, for example by jointly analyzing spectroscopic and lensing surveys.


Talk Number 21110019
Speaker Profile Shi-Fan Chen
Subject Astrophysics
Source Repository PIRSA