General Relativity for Cosmology

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Collection Number C23040
Collection Type Course
Source Repository PIRSA
Description This is an advanced graduate course which develops the math and physics of general relativity from scratch up to the highest level. The going will sometimes be steep but I try to be always careful. The purpose is to prepare for studies in quantum gravity, relativistic quantum information, black hole physics and cosmology. Quick summary of the contents: - Coordinate-free Differential Geometry, Weyl versus Ricci curvature versus Torsion, Vielbein Formalism, Spin-connections, Form-valued Tensors, Spectral Geometry, some Cohomology. - Derivations of General Relativity including as a Gauge Theory, Diffeomorphism Invariance vs. Symmetries, Bianchi Identities vs. Local and Global Conservation Laws. - Penrose Diagrams for Black Holes and Cosmology, Types of Horizons, Energy Conditions and Singularity theorems, Properties and Classification of Exact Solutions. - Cosmology and Models of Cosmic Inflation
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