In this talk I will introduce the Fully Constrained Formulation (FCF) of General Relativity. In this formulation one has a hyperbolic sector and an elliptic one. The constraint equations are solved in each time step and are encoded in the elliptic sector; this set of equations have to be solved to compute initial data even if a free evolution scheme is used for a posterior dynamical evolution. Other formulations (like the XCTS formulation) share a similar elliptic sector. I will comment about the local uniqueness issue of the elliptic sector in the FCF. I will also described briefly the hyperbolic sector. I will finish with some recent reformulation of the equations which keeps the good properties of the local uniqueness, improves the numerical accuracy of the system and gives some additional information.


Talk Number 20120005
Speaker Profile Isabel Cordero Carrion
Collection Colloquium
Subject Physics
Source Repository PIRSA