The cosmic radio background (CRB) contains diffuse, discrete and cosmological emission sources from the universe. In this talk, I will discuss  wether an additional contribution coming from low frequency photons is produced by free-free emission during the recombination era of the univers. These photons do not readily thermalise with the electron-proton plasma and therefore might  survive as a small non-thermal relic in the current universe.  Inclusion of such a contribution can alleviate the observed tension between existing CRB models and explain radio source counts between $100 MHz$ to $10 GHz$ to a very high degree of precision.  I will also discuss the challenges and future work we must considere in order to establish wether the signal is created or not.

Zoom Link: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/99032512514?pwd=eldocVA2VHhoUGVudmtFN3F4NHNEQT09


Talk Number 22060004
Speaker Profile Maura Ramirez-Quezada
Collection Particle Physics
Source Repository PIRSA